About Us

Binary Brew Works strives to provide quality brew from the geek/hacker perspective. Non-offensive, flavorful ales that pack a punch, crafted for the geek in all of us. Serving to the local Chattanooga tech community, such as DC423 (DefCon Hacker Group), CO.LAB (incubator), charity events and startup sessions. Specialty brews are created for conferences, gatherings and other special occasions. Expanding coverage to hacker/geek conferences and gatherings, such as DerbyCon, DefCon and local BSides.
What is the hacker perspective? Passion, curiosity, community, and willingness to try new things. These provide the foundation for everything we do at the brewery and caters to a select market of like minded individuals.

The Geek Brewing Crew

Ronnie Fabela | Owner/Brewmaster

As with all things, Ronnie is still a work in progress. While hacking is still a passion, Ronnie started to think about creating rather than hilariously destroying. Thus Binary Brew Works was born. Steadily growing in skill, equipment and beer production, the brewery is now on the cusp of reaching the next steps in legitimacy.

Stephen Hilt | Lead Brew Monkey

A fellow hacker, friend and brew monkey, Stephen assists with the important tasks in the brewery: Drinking, quality control testing of the beer, more drinking, cleaning up equipment, drinking, and brewing. Oh and drinking. One cannot underestimate the importance of the brew monkey.

Paul Trachian | Assistant Brew Monkey

A consumption engineer and budding brew monkey, Paul assists Stephen who assists Ronnie with important tasks. Although we're not sure if he 'even lifts' Paul not only drinks the beer but assists in lifting, hoisting, raising, and elevating many of the critical brewing apparatus in the brewhouse.

Rules of Engagement


Beer As A Service / BaaS

We bring quality brew to you. Whether it be LANparty, hackercon or makerspace, you can have quality beer served!


Supporting the Community

Giving back to the community one pint at a time. We support local charities, groups & organization by supplying fine brews


Brewing With PWN

Using secret methods and fairy dust (metasploit) we infused each batch of beer with epic hacker pwnage


Free, As In Beer

We bring quality brew at no cost to you. Binary Brew Works is currently in 'open beta' and runs solely on donations and unicorn tears.