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TCP/IPa is, well an IPA.  Not over the top like so many other IPAs out there, this IPa has all the bitter and flavor notes of a hoppy beer without being offensive.  Arrogant Bastards we are not.

Grains:    Belgian Pilsner / Pale / 60L Malt
Hops:      Cascade / Citra
Yeast:     Wyeast 1056 American Ale


dotslash  ./

dotslash is a dark, smooth black ale, just like the man himself (@d0tslash).  Full body flavor in a black package.

Grains:   Pale / Choco / CaraPils / Carafa
Hops:     Williamette / East Kent Goldings
    Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager



OMG CYBER is more than a meme, it's a way of life and an unfortunate job security tool.  It also makes a great beer.  Crisp, clean, unfiltered, this wheat ale is almost as cool as that 5 line python code you wrote that breaks some DRM or something.  If we were beer hipsters, this would be our 'session' beer.

Grains:  Wheat
Hops:    Just a Little
Yeast:   Safale US-05